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Subject: Re: Plot latitude-longitude of a cone
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Walter Roberson <> wrote in message <Di6Po.4415$2G7.482@newsfe13.iad>...
> On 18/12/10 10:50 AM, Geant Bepi wrote:
> > anyone at least today?
> None of the regular posters has (to my recollection) ever given evidence 
> of having used the Mapping Toolbox, so I am not surprised that you have 
> not received any responses.
> You should consider contacting Mathworks Technical Support.

Do you think (in your opinion) I explicitly 'have' to use the Mapping Toolbox in order to perform this task?

I'm a kindaa novice matlab user but I thought this is fairly easy task on Matlab well, at least the mathematics involved are basic and easy....