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I had exactly the same problem (XP SP2, Office 2007, Matlab R2007b) and your trick solved the problem !
Thanks a lot, Craig !


"Craig" wrote in message <i4el7q$918$>...
> "Bob Ert" <> wrote in message <ef51c3a.-1@webcrossing.raydaftYaTP>...
> > This is incredibly annoying. I can't email them without zipping or
> > editing the extension, because outlook will not allow you to email a
> > shortcut. How can I make XP realize that my .Mat files are NOT
> > shortcuts? I changed the file association from Microsoft Access
> > Table to Matlab and it still thinks it is a shortcut...
> > 
> > Thanks,
> > Bob Ert
> You can solve this problem by opening an explorer window, Selectiing Tools->Folder Options->File Types and selecting New.  Type MAT in the field, click advanced and select "MATLAB Data" from the pulldown list.  You will get a warning that the extension already exists.  Click Ok to overwrite it.  Problem solved.