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"Mason Freed" wrote in message <igo64u$oje$>...
> Some (admittedly builtin) functions, such as surf, generate a very nice list of possible function usage strings in the yellow pop-up tooltip window, when you type "surf(" at the command prompt. However, for user-written functions, all you get is exactly what is on the function line of the function. Adding insult to injury, for methods on custom classes, if I type "myObj.myMethod(" for my class, it simply pops up "myMethod(MyObj object...)" and doesn't show ANY of the actual function arguments.
> So... to the question. How do I overload the behavior of these tooltips?
> Yair, this sounds like a good question for you...?
> Thanks,
> Mason


Note that if your function accepts a varargin input arg, this parses as a '...' in the completions tooltip.

Yair Altman