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So... in working through this, I was going on your comment that you just need to put the usage into the "Syntax" section of the relevant html-help page for your function. I'm just trying to get the tooltip-popup to show the correct usage, I'm not so worried with the tab-completion list to be correct. See your comment here:

> "Yair Altman" wrote in message <igosqj$9mt$>...
> @Henrik &#8211; I believe the syntax help is taken from the &#8220;Syntax&#8221; section of the relevant
> function&#8217;s doc page (the HTML webpage that is presented as a result of the doc
> function).
> If no doc page is defined, then the help-tooltip popup displays the arguments defined in
> your function&#8217;s declaration. In your example, testHelp is declared as having arguments
> &#8220;x&#8221; and &#8220;varargin&#8221;. &#8220;varargin&#8221; is always converted to &#8220;&#8230;&#8221;, so your tooltip will say:
> testHelp(x,&#8230;). If you wish to modify this, then specify meaningful argument names
> (which is always a good thing to do), and/or create a doc page.

The issue, I found, is that there isn't a way (as far as I can find) to build html help files for classes. Only directories full of functions. The "doc" output for a class or class member is auto-generated from the comment at the top of the class/method. So there's no way to generate the relevant Syntax section in the doc page. I tried adding a separate line called "Syntax" into the comments, and putting the correct usage there, but it didn't affect the tooltip text.

Do you know of any workaround for that? It seems like a stupid limitation that you can't generate html help for classes!