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"Jonathan W Smith" wrote in message <ihddhg$hhd$>...
> I have 2 matrices A(6,6,4,24,28) and B(6,6,28)  I want to do the following A(6,6,1,1,1) x B(6,6,1) ... A(6,6,4,24,28) x B(6,6,28) but only when the 5th dimension of A and 3rd dimension of B match.

C = mtimesx(A,reshape(B,6,6,1,1,28));

> I was getting erroneous values for the elements in the 6x6 matrices when using multiprod.

I am not familiar enough with multiprod to know the proper input dimensions needed to do the calculation you want in multiprod. Maybe the following will work:

C = multiprod(A,reshape(B,6,6,1,1,28));

> I do not have visual basic that allows me to use mtimesx.

MTIMESX does not need Visual Basic, or anything from Visual Studio. It can be used by anyone with any C compiler that compiles mex routines, and that includes the lcc compiler that comes shipped with MATLAB. You can build MTIMESX on a Windows system as follows:

- Download from the FEX (I assume you have already done this)
- Copy the files to one of your directories that is on the MATLAB path (see Steve Lord's post).
- Issue the following commands:

mex -setup
(Wait for the prompt, then press Enter)
(Select a C/C++ compiler, such as lcc)
mtimesx % This will cause mtimesx to self-build

If you have a Mac or other Unix/Linux type system, the build routine is not automated. If that is the case let me know and I can try to help with this.

James Tursa