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Dear Bruno,

> Let's assume Jos's bootstrapping does not show an obvious biased, then I believe one still have to show the algorithm works, otherwise to me it is remains a unreliable algorithm.

I'm an experimental physicist. If the cheap bootstrapping reveals a bias, I do not start to think about an expensive proof. I know the fundamental role of prooves, but I keep in mind their limitations, when a prooved algorithm uses e.g. the cheap RNG of Matlab6, real hardware like an Intel processor with a long list of open bugs, and I've heared that even Matlab should have bugs.
Of course you cannot get a reliable program using unreliable algorithms. And you cannot get a reliable program just by implementing reliable algorithms.

And therefore programming combinatorics is fun for *me*.
> You are one of the most rigorous CSSM participant. Almost anything you wrote is sure and exact, and I appreciate a lot this quality. So keep it that way.

Am I rigorous?? After a long hesitating, I cannot decide if this is humorous or a kind of invitation. I'm not used that anybody suggests me how to behave. Anyway, I take it as friendly suggestion with a certain level of humor. I'm going to be very careful if I answer questions or publish functions in the FEX. And I feel free to ask what ever I'm interested in, as long as it concerns Matlab. ;-)

Kind regards, Jan