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AOA, Dear M.Amin Anjum,
I have also prepared a speaker recognition system in MATLAB along with GUI enriched features, and system is working very well and accuracy is 90+...!!!
In this application I've 3 different speakers to be recognized after training.
Now I need to implement the same logic in Simulink model, but I'm stuck with it as I have very little knowledge in models; I have seen all the required blocks especially DSP blocks.
Can you please guide me how to start in a better way?

Looking forward for your valuable support in this regard.

kindly yours,
Khalid N Khan

"Amy Chacko" <> wrote in message <ef150f9.34@webcrossing.raydaftYaTP>...
> Pls send me the code.
> Thank you.
> M.Amin Anjum wrote:
> >
> >
> > I Have prepared Matlab code for voice recognation. if any body
> > wants
> > mail to me I will forword code