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"Amanda " <> wrote in message <imt4a8$nh$>...
> I am trying to count the number of times a combination of alleles occur in a single matrix. Does anyone know how to write a correct function for this? I have looked into the 'unique' command however it does not seem to give me the correct number.
> For example for the following vector, how many times does A occur in column 1 along with A in column 2. 
> vec=[A A
> A A
> A A
> A a
> A A
> a a]
> Where the answer would be 4. 
> Thank you!
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  If you want a list of all unique pairs occurring in 'vec' along with their corresponding counts, you can use the 'unique' function with the 'rows' option specified.

 [u,~,n] = unique(vec,'rows');
 list = [u,diff(find([true;diff(sort(n))>0;true]))];

Then 'list' will be a three-column array with unique pairs in the first two columns and their corresponding occurrence counts in the third column.

Roger Stafford