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Subject: Re: creating loops for a large system of variables
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> Or "Latin-Hypercube Sampling" is another buzzword
> More actual detail of what is needed could undoubtedly help cull the 
> general to at least a little more specific.
> --

What I need to do is understand the behavior of my system as different design variables are changed within it.

Although I could run each case independently, it would be to my advantage to compare them to one another in one run.  At the moment, optimization or inverse design of the inputs, would be much more difficult, due to their complex, and at times rigid, nature.  The main caveat that I have is that, many of the inputs depend upon one another, and may or may not be changed depending upon the design.  This all sums up to the ability to change various inputs depending on the design of the system, and compare their outputs.

I am regretful that I am not making myself clear.

I do appreciate the help you have provided.