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Subject: Re: can i use List box to show image?
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I don't know what this means "list up the sample" or this: "list up
all 10 sample in the string properties"

The way I do it is to have all the filennames listed in a listbox and
then when the user clicks on one, it displays the image in a listbox.
Here is a nice framework for doing that - I suggest you try MAGIC:


This GUI will help the novice user get up to speed very quickly on
using GUI-based applications. Everything is laid out in a very simple
Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, etc. layout. It is a very good starting point
for a typical image analysis application. This application uses GUIDE
to do the user interface design, and has most of the basic controls
such as buttons, listboxes, checkboxes, radio buttons, scrollbars,
etc. It allows the user to select a folder of images, select one or
more images and display them, to select a series of options, and to
individually or batch process one or more images. The user can
optionally apply a mask (region of interest) to the image so that only
the area within the mask will be analyzed. The results are optionally
sent to Excel. In this demo, I do some very basic particle sizing but
in use, the user would replace that simple demo code in the function
AnalyzeSingleImage() with their own code. Works with Windows or Unix
since paths are all forward slashes. Requires the Image Processing
Toolbox to do the simple particle sizing demo, but if you delete that
demo code before using it, then the IP toolbox would not be required
and it would still demonstrate the basic GUI-based file processing