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Hi all, I've looked around for ages but cannot find a different solution. I fear there isn't one.

Problem: I have a tool that batch processes data and creates loads (00's) of figures. I don't want them flashing up and getting in the way while the user is still trying to work on the machine.

Current solution:
set(fig, 'visible','off')

This is fine, however when trying to open the saved .fig file they remain invisible. 

I tried....
set(fig, 'visible','off')
set(fig, 'visible','on')

In the hope it wouldn't be displayed, but it is.

Next idea is to open the .fig using fopen and edit the file manually to set visibility to on, then re-save the edited .fig, but the data format is unknown.

Any ideas how to save invisible figures, but have them open as visible?