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"tzygmund" <> wrote in message
> Hello,
> I have a simple function to numerically integrate and it depends on
> the scalar 't':
> %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
> function omegafun = omegafun(mM1, t)
> omegafun =  sqrt(det(eye(size(mM1, 1)) -2*t.*mM1))
> end
> %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
> Here mM1 is a parameter matrix. I am able to compute this function and
> plot it, but when I try quad,
> quad(@(t) omegafun(mM1, t), 0, 10);

"The function y = fun(x) should accept a vector argument x and return a 
vector result y, the integrand evaluated at each element of x."

From your description it sounds like your function cannot handle a vector 
input t. Modify it so that it can by doing something like looping over the 
elements of t. Don't forget to preallocate omegafun to be the same size and 
shape as t.

omegafun = zeros(size(t));

Steve Lord
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