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Subject: Re: Rotate 3D object to align with x-y plane
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On 4/26/2011 4:36 PM, Greg wrote:
> Hi - I realize this is an old thread but I have a perhaps more explicit
> question. I have three points given in xyz coordinates. Obviously they
> are co-planar. Assume the origin is at the center of gravity of the
> three points. I wish to rotate the points such that the rotated points
> are in a plane parallel to the xy plane, ie z=0 plane. I seek a rotation
> operator that will apply this rotation to any set of points, and the
> inverse operator, to rotate back. I am not concerned with rotation about
> the z axis - ie, any rotation that puts the three points in a plane
> parallel to xy, and with the same distances between the pairs of points,
> will do.
> Thanks in advance -
> Greg

Principal Components Analysis.  Might be overkill, but it's easy to do.

xyz = rand(3,3);  % 3 random points, each row is x,y,z coords of a pt.
xyz = bsxfun(@minus,xyz,mean(xyz));  % make the mean = (0,0,0)

[c,xyz2] = princomp(xyz);  % xyz2 will be what you want.

xyz_hat = xyz2*c';  % xyz_hat = xyz

You'll need the Statistics Toolbox for princomp.  Let me know if you 
don't have it.

Doug Schwarz
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