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Subject: Re: Convergence of iterative procedure
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On 28 Apr., 10:04, "George Papazafeiropoulos"
<> wrote:
> Hello to everyone,
> I am dealing with an iterative procedure in which an initial estimate of a vector {c}0 is given, and at the end of the process an updated vector {c} is calculated. This is used as the initial estimate for the next loop and a more updated {c} is obtained, and this goes on until the difference of the updated {c} from the penult {c} is lower than a specified number, in which case the iterative procedure stops.
> However, in certain cases the above procedure does not converge; the estimates of {c} seem to "oscillate" around a value, and this oscillation does not always happen every two estimates, but I have observed that it could happen also every 3-6 estimates. Furthermore, the elements of {c} take extreme values in some cases, and in the next iteration they come back to acceptable values. What could I do to force these oscillations to stop and avoid the appearance of extreme values?
> I write here an indicative example of the m. file which I run:
> c=ones(2,1);
> for i=1:Nt
> uL=2*sum(c);
> K=[uL^2,sqrt(uL);uL, 1/uL];
> D=[sin(uL);cos(uL)];
> d=c-K\D;
> if d<ones(2,1)*0.0001
> break
> end
> c=K\D;
> end
> c
> I would appreciate any of your help. If anyone knows something about such procedures he is kindly requested to give me some hints or suggest some links for further information.
> Thank you very much in advance.

What makes you believe that a general iteration of the form
should always converge ?
It's simply not the case.
Use MATLAB's fsolve to solve the system of equations
K(x)*x - D(x) = 0

Best wishes