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On May 2, 3:32 pm, "Deepak " <> wrote:
> Now i need to find the closest point from the axis to the point cloud.
I'm not sure why you didn't try my sorting suggestion.  Any reason?
Just add this to the end of your code:

% Plot it
scatter3(X(:,1), X(:,2), X(:,3));

% Calculate radius squared.
radiiSquared = X(:,1).^2 + X(:,2) .^2
% Sort from smallest radius to largest radius.
[sortedRadii, sortIndexes] = sort(radiiSquared)
% Create the output array.
output = X(sortIndexes, :)

It's a simple matter to subtract off the value of the origin (your
least squares center line) to get the radii squared in case you want
to do that.