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"Vineet " <> wrote in message <iqevjs$cb2$>...
> Is there a way in Matlab to specify that the product (matrix multiplication) of two matrices would be symmetric so that matrix multiplication happens faster. For ex:
> A*A'
> or 
> matrix multiplication of two symmetric matrices
> I know there are routines to do it in BLAS : 
> like: SSYMM, DSYMM, CHEMM, CSYMM, ZHEMM, ZSYMM (to multiply two symmetric matrix)
> or
> SSYRK, DSYRK, CHERK, CSYRK, ZHERK, ZSYRK (to multiply matrix by its adjoint)
> Thanks
> Vineet

MATLAB does this automatically if you do the matrix multiply in a form that it recognizes. e.g., in your A*A' above the dgemm routine will not be called. Rather, one of the BLAS symmetric routines will be called and then the other triangular part is filled in with just a copy of the traingular part that was calculated in the BLAS routine.

James Tursa