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Subject: Re: Duplicate matrix by a number of columns
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On May 14, 1:37 pm, "Roger Stafford"
<> wrote:
> "Andy" wrote in message <iqmb3e$>...
> > I am a Matlab newbie and  in need help getting some stuff done. My problem is that I A size(106,20503) and matrix B of size (106,1). I want to determine the correlation coefficient of matrix B and all the columns in matrix A. I am not getting any success because the two matrices have different sizes. My idea is to duplicate the columns in matrix B to have the same size as A (106, 20503) whiles keeping the individual elements the same.
> > Any ideas how to do this?
> > Thanks in advance
> > ~ Andy
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>   Why not devise your own correlation computation?  It's simple enough.  Subtract the mean value of each column of A and of B itself from each of their respective elements.  Then divide the resulting elements by the square root of the sum of the squares of the >respective columns.  

help zscore
doc zscore

>Finally you can obtain the correlation by simple matrix multiplication of the resulting revised A2'*B2 to get correlation in a 20503 by 1 column vector.  The 'bsxfun' function is useful in doing >the above.

Hope this helps