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"Jacky" wrote in message <irhddc$7fc$>...
> Dear All,
> I am trying to generate sphere in a 100-by-100-by-100 matrix (or 3D matrix). 
> I have been referring to the following thread which is similar to my case but i guess it is different than what i am looking-
> Please help me how to generate a sphere in a N-by-N-by-N matrix.
> Best
> Jacky
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  Two questions:

1. What is your understanding of a 'sphere' in this context?  Is it a 2D surface of points all equidistant from its center, or is it all points on and inside such a surface?  Your wish for a three-dimensional array would seem to indicate that you are interested in the solid interior of a sphere.

2. What content do you wish your single 3D array to have?  Are the elements to be 'true' or 1 inside the sphere and 'false' or 0 outside?

Roger Stafford