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>>  I thought all mov files had the same Apple codec. 
There are also third party codecs to read mov files.
>> Do you mean to say ...
VideoFileReader uses DirectShow filters on Windows. Sometimes, it's hard to find the right codec.


ImageAnalyst <> wrote in message <>...
> On May 25, 3:43 pm, "mkhan Khan" <>
> wrote:
> > If you have Computer Vision System Toolbox, you can use VideoFileReader System Object to read video frames of mov files (provided you have the right codec installed).
> > For more info on VideoFileReader System Object, please look at help:
> >
> > >> help  vision.VideoFileReader
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Mohammad
> ---------------------------------------------
> I thought all mov files had the same Apple codec.  Do you mean to say
> that it's just as bad as the nightmare of windows videos, where there
> can be dozens of possible codecs, the necessary one never being one of
> the ones that you have?