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Subject: Re: Fill contour with specified color?
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Well good luck with that.  I deal with images and find them much
easier than dealing with contours and patches.  I don't know why
you're using pcolor.  I absolutely hate it.   I can never get past the
fact that it displays one less square in each direction than there are
pixels, so I never really know what the colored squares represent.
It's like the pixels are on the black gridlines, and the squares are
inbetween the pixels but they're pseudocolored and I have no idea what
the underlying value is that gets colored.  Totally confusing.
imagesc() is somewhat better, except for the fact that it picks some
bizarre random colormap as default.  image() is okay but it's
limited.  So my favorite is imshow.  If you didn't need those contour
lines, and were just dealing with images it would be a snap.  I could
maybe help with that but you don't seem to want to share your data and
don't want to use any sample data such as I gave earlier, so you're on
your own.  But it sounds like you have some kludgy idea that works for
you so that's all that matters I guess.