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Subject: Re: repost problem of find function due to the misaligned text
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On May 27, 11:36 pm, "Yihui " <> wrote:
> Hello,
> Thanks for the help!
> However, in my case, I can not know which column I want. I can only know the index number [1;2;3] or [4;5;6].
> The first three numbers in one column are actually coordinates. Therefore, I hope to find the data (e.g., 44) when I enter the coordinates (e.g., [1;2;3]).  Or, I hope to find the data (e.g., 44 and 74) when I enter the coordinates (e.g., [1;2;3] and [4;5;6]. Sorry that I did not make myself clearer.
You still didn't.  I still don't know how the "coordinates" of 1,2,3
mean that you'll take the 4th row, first column.  And I don't know how
"coordinates" of [1;2;3] and [4;5;6], which are actually two column
vectors, mean that you'll take all of row 4.

Let's take the first case: 1,2,3.  Explain how that means that you
want to extract data(4,1), because I have no idea.