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ImageAnalyst <> wrote in message <>...
> On May 29, 8:09 am, "areeba khan" <> wrote:
> > do i need to reduce my image size? if yes then how?
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> No.  In fact, Roger and I don't know why you're continuing down this
> path of processing sub-images in steps of 9 when both he and I
> recommended against it.  Can you explain why that would be better than
> sliding over one pixel at a time?  What happens if the region you're
> looking for is half way on one 9x9 chunk and half way on its neighbor?

Image Analyst,
i had already done this.. though this approach is working but it was very much time consuming (perhaps the size of image is large)...that is why i am a bit hesitant towards it..i don't know but somewhere i have in my mind (i may be wrong though) that the 9x9 method could be a bit fast...
I know your and Roger's point of loosing the clues is really valid.. i can continue with this it is working but i also need to think of some other alternative as to make it a bit fast...