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"Casi " <> wrote in message <isbkc3$i9r$>...
> So, I'm trying to run a random code that should randomize the results with a variable number of particles. As it stands, the code will keep running until the time runs out but will not stop when it goes above the allocated number of particles. I tried putting that in the while statement, but it doesn't seem to be working. The code is below:
> .........
>     while ((a+b)<=(a0+b0) && t<=tf)
> .........
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  I see nothing to stop the while loop except t>tf.  The sum a+b will never change from a constant a0+b0.  I see nothing that would detect if either a or b become negative, so the while loop could easily continue on with a negative number of particles in either a or b.  Is that what you observed?  If you want it to stop when either becomes negative, you should test for that.

Roger Stafford