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Subject: Re: plotting joint distribution?
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On Jun 5, 2:15 am, "Gary " <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am new to matlab and wonder if anyone would be able to help the following:
> I now have a group of simulated data shown in a 1000-by-12 matrix, thus 1000 simulations and 12 variables. Does anybody know how to plot the sample joint distribution of these simulated data??? (I have spent days on this but failed to find a clue, I will be very much grateful if someone could give a hint !!!)
> Thanks in advance!
> Gary

What do you mean by joint distribution?  How about scatter() to plot
two variables against each other?  Something like
scatter(data(:,3), data(:,7));
to plot variable 3 against variable 7.
Do you then need to find some analytical equation that would fit that
distribution?  How about polyfitn by John D'Errico?
There may be other formulas that could be better if you know something
about the expected form of your distribution.