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Subject: MATALB HELP! Assigning arrays from the workspace to different columns of the data table!
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Hello! I am trying to assign arrays of multiple integers (increase by row) to different columns of my data table. I tried to use the following code to call the arrays from the workspace and assign each array to different columns as the row keeps incrementing. However, I get an error stating a dimension mismatch. I know I am missing someting very important here but I do not know what!  PLEASE HELP AND THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!

        %Call arrays from the workspace
        result(handles.n,1) = evalin('base','Frequency');
        result(handles.n,2) = evalin('base','Speed');
        result(handles.n,3) = evalin('base','Torque');
        result(handles.n,4) = evalin('base','Input_Power');
        result(handles.n,5) = evalin('base','Output_Power');
        result(handles.n,6) = evalin('base','Efficiency');
        %Assign the matrix to the workspace 
        assignin('base', 'Results');