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Dear matlab experts,

I have a problem regarding permutation.
Assuming that I have 11 building blocks A. to K. (see below).
A.	h	d	u	
B.	h	d		
C.	h	u		
D.	u	h		
E.	u	h	d	u
F.	u	h	d	
G.	u	h	u	
H.	d	u		
J.	u	d		
K	d			
L.	u			

 I&#8217;d like to combine them to create a nine-element list. For example, I can select E., D., D., and K. to create: 
u	h	d	u	u	h	u	h	d.

But, the list must have two &#8216;d&#8217;, three &#8216;h&#8217; and four &#8216;u&#8217;. 
Can someone help me out on this. Thanks!