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Subject: Replacing for loops
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I have been attempting to write a programme to run through all possible combinations of elements from two lists and add the results of a calculation on each pair together. the following is my current code, which works:

function ans = cor(train1, train2, tau)
ans = 0;
length1 = numel(train1);
length2 = numel(train2);
for n=1:length1
    for m= 1:length2
        ans = ans + exp(-abs(train1(n) - train2(m))/tau);

tau is a scalar, while train1 and train2 are vectors of variable length. Can anyone give me a tip as to how to replace the for loops with something that will work faster?

I'm quite new to MATLAB, so I apologise if it's something trivially easy that I've missed.