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Thank you for timely response, I want pure speech signals, in that case what are my options, due think I have use text to speech conversion or the ar models are good enough, but as you explained that for pure speech signal different method is to be used. Please if possible send me the code. to make me understand. thank you
"Wayne King" <> wrote in message <itr4j0$slg$>...
> "arsalan khan" <> wrote in message <itr3es$pj5$>...
> > hi,
> >  Sorry for the confusion, I want to develop some five different speech samples from AR(autoregressive) model, of length 5 seconds. please kindly guide me in this regard. Thank you. 
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> > > "arsalan khan" <> wrote in message <itqspj$5kh$>...
> > > > hi,
> > > >     I want to generate a speech signal from matlab can anyone help me. And further want to plot the signal both in time domain and frequency domain. The lenght of the signal can be any. Thank you
> > > 
> > > Hi, The other poster may have been confused since you titled your post "Speech acquisition", which implies you are reading speech data into MATLAB. If you check the file exchange, there are some text-to-speech submissions.
> > > 
> > > On the other hand, by using AR models, you can simulate speech like waveforms, so it depends on what your goals are.
> > > 
> > > Wayne
> You can easily simulate signals, which resemble speech by using an AR model of a sufficiently high order, but if you actually want the signals to be intelligible as speech, that is a different matter.
> Wayne