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"John D'Errico" <> wrote in message <itpshq$o12$>...
> Thanks all.
> I intend to take a long vacation, to really retire, having
> now been answering questions on c.s-s.m since roughly
> 1988. My frustration metric has admittedly risen of late.
> This tells me that I do indeed need that vacation.
> As for those files, I'm not sure what to do with them.
> John
- - - - - - - - -
  Hello John.  I am very sympathetic with your wish to get away from cssm for a while, or even permanently.  I sometimes have similar feelings.  I know that one of these days soon I too will have to stop before I begin to make too many mistakes at my advanced age.  I have committed more than my fair share of boo-boos in recent months.

  I very much enjoyed the various occasions in the past when we worked on the same thread and also the times we communicated directly by email.  You encouraged me to get that 'randfixedsum' routine finished when I had almost given it up.

  You have made a very big contribution with all the file exchange routines you have written, and you should be proud of the help these have given to numerous users.  I agree with others that it would be very good to make these files, or at least those you feel are particularly useful, available on FEX with the definite understanding that they are to be unsupported.  There are some who are already suffering from anxiety about the prospect of doing without them.

  If in the future you should decide that you would like to do further work on cssm, I am sure that a great many people, myself included, would welcome you back with open arms.  In any event I wish you well, and I encourage you to by all means enjoy your free time.

Roger Stafford