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Subject: Circular Region in Matrix
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Hi, I want to average the values in a 616x1216 matrix in rings around a particular point (the centre of the ring, obviously). Currently my program uses a few nested loops to do this but it is very slow as I know MATLAB was not built for iteration. Here is my current code: 

j0 = 305;
k0 = 672;
rmin = Rod(RodCounter)-j0+1; %the smallest radius possible is defined by the region directly above the tungsten bar
for r = rmin:NumberOfRows/2; %loop through all possible circles
    i = i +1;
    %calculate the angle this scatter is taking place at using the
    %knowledge that the pixel is 200um by 200um
    angles(i) = atan((r*pixelSize)/targetDistance)*180/pi;
    t(i) = i;
    A(i) = 0.;
    C(i) = 0;
    for j = 1:NumberOfRows
        for k = 1:NumberOfColumns
            R_sq = (j-j0)^2 + (k-k0)^2;
            if (R_sq > (r-1)^2 & (R_sq <= r^2))
                if (j > Rod(RodCounter)) | (j < Rod(1)) 
                    A(i) = A(i) + RawImage(j,k);
                    C(i) = C(i) + 1;
                    H(i) = A(i)./C(i); %normalize the scatter profile

I was wondering how I would go about doing this without the loops? Something using mesh grid seems possible but I don't quite understand the function (and have read the help on it)... Or really how it would apply to my case. Anyways thank you very much for your help!