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Subject: Re: ls problem with matlab 2009a in ubuntu
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In article <iubk50$g2i$>,
 "David Zhang" <> wrote:

> I've installed matlab 2009a on my ubuntu 10.04 box.  Everything works great, 
> except with the annoying problem where if I type the command "ls" to show the 
> current directory, the results contains strange characters in addition to the 
> file names.  For example, in my home folder:
> >> ls
> bin  Desktop  Documents  
> [01;34mDownloads  finance  Music  
> [01;34mPictures  Public  Templates  
> [01;34mVideos
> Repeating the same thing by explicitly invoking the unix command "!ls" gives 
> the same problem, which suggests there is some sort of communication problem 
> between matlab and unix.  Running the same matlab in terminal and I don't 
> have this issue.
> Some might say "why don't you just navigate using directory window?"  Well, I 
> could.  However being with Linux for so long, moving through directories 
> using command line is much faster and more comfortable for me.  Although this 
> is not a serious problem, it is annoying enough that it stains an otherwise 
> beautiful installation of matlab on ubuntu.

Those are ANSI escape sequences.  <escape>[0m turns all attributes off, 
<escape>[01;34m makes the text bold with a blue background.  You must 
have ls configured to use color by default, perhaps with the environment 
variable CLICOLOR.  See the man page for ls for more info.

Doug Schwarz
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