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"edward" wrote in message <iudccu$qbe$>...
> I have 60s load data for 24-hrs (x-coord) and associated value for each time stamp (y-coord)...I can get things to plot well in a standard 2D plot(x,y) but want to plot in 3D w/ a mesh...I am new to matlab and have searched and tested sample code from the web but can't seem to get the correct z value...can anybody give me a hand
> ...your reading from a real novice so beware of dumb questions
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  I have read and reread your request and can find no third dimensional quantity involved in your data.  It looks as though you have one quantity from the "60s load data for 24-hrs" which you called "x-coord" and a corresponding quantity "time stamp" called "y-coord".  I see no third quantity which z could be set to.  What is your idea of the contents of z?  

  Also it looks as though each x-coord corresponds one-to-one with each y-coord and it would not make sense to make a mesh of them - that is, it would seem highly irrelevant to be pairing the load data that was measured at, say, 8:39 A.M. with the time stamp that read 4:17 P.M.

  Your 2D plot would seem to exhibit all there is to tell about your problem.  What more do you want to see?

Roger Stafford