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Subject: System of nonlinear equations: no convergence to a root using fsolve
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Hello everybody,

I have a problem using the fsolve function. The aim of the procedure I implement is to identify a matrix subject to certain restrictions. To do so, I can decompose my matrix into a nonlinear system of equations. It is a rather small system (8 equations, 8 unknown), however, when I use the fsolve function, I always obtain the error message:'Optimizer appears to be converging to a minimum that is not a root:Sum of squares of the function values exceeds the square root of options.Tolfun.Try again with a new starting point'. I tried with many different initial values, but that was no improvement. Precisely, here is my system:

The EXO variables are constants whose values are known by the program when it runs the algorithm, and the actual variables to value are the x(.).

I am a bit surprised since the system is rather small, and since I previously obtained convergence very easily with a very similar system. According to my thesis supervisor, the system should admit a solution.

Then my question is: how can i solve this system in the end? Is there a way to implement a loop that would create random initial values, so that in the end one of these random sets could succeed to carry the solution? Is there a way to compel the function to stop to a global min, and not a local min? Should I try a different function for solving?

Thanks a lot for any help.