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Subject: 3x3 pixel neighborhood  window
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i have a 64x64 image and

i need to make a window of [3 3] for every pixel in my image
so i will apply some certain algorithm on them later ....

 something like that 

I1 = unit8(floor(conflict(I, [3 3], 'slideing', mean)))

the resultant I1 is 64x64 matrix which corresponds to the mean of the center pixel by mean of its neighboring pixels

i need the [3 3] neighboring pixels of each  pixel in the image but without applying any function on it ...

so i tried this function

I2 = im2col(I, [3 3], 'sliding');

what i got is a 9x3844
i thought it will be 9x4096

as the total number of pixels are 4096 & each column corresponds to each pixel 3x3 window

so how can i get the 3x3 neighborhood window for each pixel in an image