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"James D" <> wrote in message <j2bu2g$ghi$>...
> Dear all,
> I have a problem that I am trying to solve.
> I have a matrix of 600 x 840 different positions of latitude and longitude and I am trying to  find and output the shortest distance to a line segment.
> I have created the following for the distance to a point and vectorised it so that it works faster than a for statement.
> I was wondering how I would code the shortest distance to a particular line segment for each of the 600 x 840 points in the matrix.
> distancematrix=sqrt( bsxfun(@plus, ((yllcorner+600*spacing-0.020833333:-spacing:yllcorner+0.020833333).'-centrallat).^2 ,...
>     ((xllcorner+0.020833333:spacing:xllcorner+840*spacing-0.020833333)-centrallong).^2 ) );
> I hope that you can help!
> Many thanks in advance,
> James.

I assume the rectangle is (long, lat) such that
left <= long <=right (eqt1)
bottom <= lat <=top (eqt2).

The line segment in its parametric form is (x,t)
x(t) = x1 + t*(x2-x1)
y(t) = y1 + t*(y2-y1)
0 <= t <= 1 (eqt3).

The distance squared is d2
d2 = (x(t)-long)^2 + (y(t)-lat)^2.

It is clear that d2 is a quadratic form with respect to (3 x 1) vector [long,lat,t]'.

The problem is minimize
d2 such that box constraints (1-3).

This can be solved with QUADPROG. There may be some function in FEX that can solve such problem.