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Dear ImageAnalyst,

> Is it even possible to get the number of Answers answers and comments that have
> been posted in a given time period???  I'd bet that if you could add
> those two together you'd get close to 10,000.

Unfortunately I did not find a method to meausure the number of threads in CSSM (just the posts, if I understood correctly) and posts in Answers (just the tiotal number of threads is shown). More details statistics would be very interesting.

Answers is free of spam. Once a week a spam message is in the list for some hours before the admins delete it. This is a big psychological advantage: When I'm trying to concentrate on the cutest CUMSUM(ACCUMARRAY(DIFF())) tricks and an idiot disturbs me by "buy V1@gr@ chiip together with good Nike shoes", I feel a like an idiot for myself for a certain portion.

> The biggest pain of "Answers" is the lack of time/date stamps...
I agree. The stamps are available in the data base, but they are not displayed currently.  I hope that the next update includes sortable answer lists and exact time stamps.

Thanks for your answer.
If the number of CSSM posts follow the current trend, the 100% spam level is reached in 2 months. It would be extremly sad, if this forum is a victim of canibalism only, but the users and contributors are not attracted by Answers. Therefore I hope, that Answers can be updated *soon* such that all CSSMers could/will enjoy it, if they like to.

Otherwise another forum will fill this gap. And as usual it will be financed by non-Matlab commercials.

Kind regards, Jan