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"Bruno Luong" <b.luong@fogale.findmycountry> wrote in message 
> "Jan Simon" wrote in message <j2hord$j9u$>...
>> This question is explicitely thought for Bruno, who looked in Answers for 
>> some weeks but left it afterwards.  Do you have suggestions for 
>> improvements?
> I prefer CSSM for various reasons:
> - Linear organization by posting time is easier to follow, and by a large 
> margin.
> - Do not have distracting gadgets such as comments, voting, reputation.
> - I find the discussions turned out here are more computation oriented, 
> which I prefer [ to the reputation oriented on the other ;-)].
> Two things I really like in Answers editor is specific code formatting and 
> possibility to edit his/her own post. But that's about it.
> Since I do not have enough time to share in both boards, my vote goes to 
> CSSM which - between the two - has incidentally less reputation .

When you use the word "reputation" in the last line of your reply, do you 
intend it to have the same meaning as your usage of "reputation" in your 
second bullet? I _think_ the answer is no, but I'd appreciate a 

Steve Lord
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