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Subject: matlab alternative to mtimesx for this problem ?
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I want to integrate a function of w and t, wrt w, so the final answer should be a function of t. 

Rather than integrating wrt w, for each t in a loop, I tried three 'vectorized' ways:

isequal(a,b) % 1
isequal(a,c) % 1

The first two take up 4GB of RAM while computing, and take more than 50 seconds.
The third method takes negligible RAM and only 0.003245 seconds.

I only recently learned about James Tursa's (amazing) NTIMESX (thanks to Bruno and Matt) , and I happened to learn about it due to a completely unrelated reason to this problem .... this result explained above seems almost too good to be true ! 

Assuming that what I am doing with MTIMESX here is actually giving the answer I want (and this seems true since ISEQUAL gave me 1) , is there a better MATLAB way to do this ? The reason why I'm asking is because I'm actually writing this code for a different group and I'm not sure if they have MTIMESX or even a C compiler.