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Subject: Re: matlab alternative to mtimesx for this problem ?
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Merci Bruno,

"Bruno Luong" <b.luong@fogale.findmycountry> wrote in message 
> > I want to integrate a function of w and t, wrt w, so the final answer should be a function of t. 

> Wait a minute, why you need to do thing so inefficiently? Sometime you just have to think harder than what you really computes.
> The above results are equal to (at numerical precision)
> > d = trapz(w,w)*t(:);

This is obviously not true for all functions of w and t, and the example I gave wasn't actually the function I'm integrating, but a simpler example.

> BTW: 
> repmat(w,length(t),1).*repmat(t',1,length(w)),
> bsxfun(@times,w,t')
> mtimesx(w,'T',t)
> is simply:
> >  t'*w

Thank you.


takes 4GB of RAM and 52 seconds. (same as REPMAT and BSXFUN)