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Subject: Re: Haw to find symbolick roots
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>> > Seems i have roughly same problem, in my case, i use
>> >
>> > X=solve('a*x^4+b*x^3+c*x^2+d*x+1=0', 'x'), but it gives result as:
>> Do not call SOLVE with strings as input; SOLVE can't substitute values 
>> that you may have defined for the variables into the 
>> expression-to-be-solved if you do, and so in your example treated a, b, 
>> c, and d as symbolic variables rather than the specific values you'd 
>> already defined. Call SOLVE with symbolic expressions as input instead.
>> syms x
>> X=solve(a*x^4+b*x^3+c*x^2+d*x+1, x) % the = 0 is implied
>> -- 
>> Steve Lord
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> But i want to solve it as symbolic, i mean  a b c d x are all symbols and 
> then my aim is to define some constraints on a b c d such that roots of 
> polynomial lie outside unit circle (abs (roots)> 1)

While there is a formula for the roots of a quartic equation in radicals, 
it's VERY messy.

I'm not all that surprised SOLVE doesn't try to expand it.

Steve Lord
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