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"eee S.D." <> wrote in message <j9q6at$igt$>...
> But, Two equations what i have are complex non linear functions of two variables.. it is not  
> possible to eliminate any one of them.. unless i make too much approximation..
> It has many solutions.. i am getting different solutions for each different starting values.. for 
> some starting values.. answer is same..
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  If you are finding numerous different (and valid!) solutions, then that is the nature of your equations and no technique is going to eliminate this multiplicity.  It is something you must deal with.

  I doubt if any very effective suggestions to your problem can be made in this thread without your exhibiting in detail the two equations you are faced with.  It would be helpful if you use very short, preferably one- or two-character, variable and parameter names, and if you combine parameters wherever possible so that the equations can be expressed in as compact a form as possible.

Roger Stafford