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Subject: Re: 3-D Plane Intersection: using intersection as  x-axis for 2-D plots on each plane
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"Sebastian " <> wrote in message <jebmn4$1g1$>...
> It will be OK if firstly i can draw cosinus fucntion on plane definied by me.
> How to draw plot on planes defineid by me and drew by surf
I want to plot any function on planes definied like normal vector and point.
How Can I do this because it will be a little step to my object.
I tried using 
tri1 = delaunay(x1,y1);
tri2 = delaunay(x,y);
hold on

trisurf(tri1, x1, y1, z1,'FaceColor','blue');
trisurf(tri1, x, y, z,'FaceColor','blue');

but it doesn't work.
Thank You