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Dear Apon Mohaimen

You will need to solve your own problem. Go to the website
Download a book called Solving ODEs with MATLAB  by Shampine Gladwell Thompson.

Just copy the title of this book and U will find it. This book has the answer to your problems and many more.You can use it to help yourself.I hope I tried.

All the best


"Apon Mohaimen" wrote in message <jg39m2$m4$>...
> Dear all,
> I was just wondering if anyone knows how to solve a system of ODE's of the following form:
> dx/dt=f(x)
> dy/dt=g(x)
> x0=0,y0=0
> note that both x' and y' prime are only functions of x only. 
> Do i need to include '0*h(y)' in one of the equations so that Matlab understands that it needs to solve for both x and y?