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Subject: Re: Loading video frame gets slower and slower
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Hi Peter,

vision.VideoFileReader might work for you. It's designed specifically to sequentially load one frame at a time.  It's part of the Computer
Vision System Toolbox.


Peter Bone <> wrote:
> I have a for loop and I'm loading and displaying a video frame from a video file each frame using mmread. I'm not pre-loading all the frames because it runs out of memory.
> The time it takes to load the frame steadily increases as it runs. It starts out at around 1s and steadily goes up to around 2s after 100 frames.
> Why is this happening? It's not related to the frame number in the video because if I start the frame loop at frame 100 then it starts from 1s loading time again. The loops doing the same thing each frame and overwriting the previous frame so I can't see why it slows down. Any ideas?
> Is there an alternative that will let me load video into Matlab quickly without running out of memory?