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Subject: Solving differential equations
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I need to solve differential equations:
3 equations:
          dX/dt = MX-kX
          dS/dt = DS0 - (MX/Y)
          dP/dt = AdX/dt + BX
the 4th and 5th equations are
          dM/dX = Mmax.S/kX+S
          dM/dS = Mmax.S/kX+S
So, the first 3 equations are with respect to time and the 4th and 5th equations are with respect to one of the 3 variables that are solved wrt time. If I were to solve only the first 3 equations, I know how to write the code and solve using ODE45. But how do I incorporate the 4th and 5th equations? All of these need to be solved simultaneously. Could you guide me to any help files?