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On 05.02.12 16:07, Eng M wrote:
> I need to find d for the following code and i am getting an error, what is the problem?

> solve('delta1*6.4*ql*(Lx(k)*Ly(l)-(Cx(i)+d(i,j,k,l))*(Cy(j)+d(i,j,k,l)))/(d(i,j,k,l)*(2*Cx(i)+2*Cy(j)+4*d(i,j,k,l)))=Vc','d(i,j,k,l)');

In addition to a number of things Roger already said: You are using
strings in the input to solve. That means your values for Lx, Ly, etc.
are not used.

Oh, and you didn't tell us which error you got. Typically, the error
message contains at least an attempt at something helpful and they are
often worth reading carefully.