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"merew " <> wrote in message 
> I want to fill a square matrix using nested for loops. I have the 
> following nested loop that computes the values to be filled in the matrix:
> D=zeros((L+1)^2,(L+1)^2);
> for l=0:L
> for m=-l:l
>     value=x;
>     D(?)=x;
> end
> end
> If L=2, the dimension of D is 3x3 and the nested for loops produce 9 
> values to be filled in the matrix D.
> Can somebody please help me?

Please do NOT both email me and post to the newsgroup; posting to the group 
is sufficient.

I recommend you review the section of the documentation that discusses 

Only you know how exactly you want to fill in D, so only you will be able to 
generate the necessary indices unless you show _the group_ what exactly 
you're trying to do.

Steve Lord
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