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"Maitrei" wrote in message <jilhp7$5cs$>...
> hi,
> please help me in understanding how can weights be initialized within a user defined range. For example I want my net to have weights between range of +0.5 to -0.5. How can we do this in NN toolbox?
> Thanksb

1. Look at the summary statistics (min,median,mean,std and max) of initial weights 
in 100 self-initialized MATLAB designs and determine if that seems to be a good idea.

2. Take a look at my post on initial weights. Search on

heath nonsaturating initial weights

3. If you still want to do it, just after the net creation statement

net = newff(...);

overwrite the self initialized values with your random values

net.IW =...
net.LW =...
net.b = ...

Hope this helps.


designs and net.b