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Hello Greg,

Thank you for you reply. I generate my chi-square function and use John's Hessian function (available in matlab central) to evaluate the hessian matrix for it using some fiducial parameter values. Initially I used 25 parameters. (corresponding to 25 bins of my data range). Fisher matrix is just half of hessian (approximately) and covariance matrix is inverse of the fisher. When I evaluate the covariance matrix it gives me negative values on the diagonal elements, which is clearly wrong. So I think the problem is in the evaluation of fisher itself and this may be the reason for the negative eigen values. I tried using the same procedure for less parameters (using a subset of the data and binning it in just 3 bins and hence we have just three parameters), but I face the same problem.

Any idea where I might be making a mistake??
thank you for your time..

"Greg Heath" <> wrote in message <jj0jk6$ntt$>...
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> > Hello there,
> > 
> > I am trying to reconstruct a function using PCA. Here is what I do.
> > I divide my data range into N number of bins (at first attempt 25). I assume that my function is given by some constant number over each bin, i.e f(x)=sum(beta(i)). I reconstruct my theoretical predictions using this and construct chi-squared using data values. Now to find the fisher matrix , I take a fiducial model for this unknown parameters beta,I take them all to be equal to 1 (I read somewhere that the reconstruction does not depend much on these values). Next I find out the eigenvalues and eigen vectors of this fisher matrix using eig command. The problem is some of the eigen values are coming out to be negative.
> > 
> > The errors in the principal components goes as 1/sqrt(eigenvalue). Is one supposed to take the magnitude of the eigenvalues???
> > 
> > can someone kindly suggest a solution or some references...
> > thanx in advance
> Negative eigenvalues with a significant magnitude indicate a serious model misspecification. You might rethink the equality assumption and/or use fewer original variables.
> Negative eigenvalues with insignificant magnitudes indicate a less serious model misspecification. Typically, it just indicates the use of too many variables that are highly correlated. 
> Examine the coefficents of the negative eigenvalue eigenvectors as well as the higher 
> magnitude values of the correlation coefficient matrix.
> Hope this helps.
> Greg