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"Eli " <> wrote in message <he2ch7$7gm$>...
> thanks for the help, but I think you misunderstood my problem.
> I am able to index the voxels. but suppose I choose a random point (x,y,z), which will not in general have integer values, and will not in general lie in the centre of the voxel. I wish to find which voxel this point falls in. What I am doing now. is calculating the difference between my point and the centres of all voxels, and then finding the minimum distance, however, this is quite computationally heavy. Is there a faster way to determine in which voxel index my point falls?
> -Eli

Hi Eli,

I have the same problem as yours. Did you solve by yourself such an issue? I think that the workaround you proposed works only if the voxel is a sphere around the central point, but if you have a squared voxel the problem is not fully solved.